NEW “BANKERS LAMP”, is a very beautiful desk lamp black and white

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“BANKERS LAMP”, is a very beautiful desk lamp which in this version has a pearl white shade and a black base. When we received so many requests for a more modern version of this classic lamp, we thought, we will prepare a few and see if there is interest. And jeez, the first ones sold out in a week, now we’ve received a new charge so now they can be bought again.

The story of the banker’s lamp, the original one with a green screen

The banker’s lamp has been around almost as long as the mass-produced light bulb (1879) and has more or less looked the same ever since. It is popularly called: Banker’s Lamp, Bank lamp, Banker’s lamp, Lawyer’s lamp, but it has also lit up August Strindberg’s desk and is therefore also called “Strindberg’s lamp”. It is perhaps best known because both England’s Queen Elisabeth has one on her desk and the former Prime Minister of England, Sir Winston Churchill, also had one! Therefore you are in good company if you buy one of these or why not buy two, we don’t know for sure but think we are the cheapest in Sweden for this quality lamp?

Curious about the banker’s lamp

That it got the name banker’s lamp from the beginning is because it is so stylish to decorate an office with. It was noticed by many American banks in which it became widely spread around the USA in the early 20th century, any self-respecting bank would have them.

The banker lamp’s preferences

Appearance: in order for the banker’s lamp to be as similar to the original as possible, it must be made of brass and have a green glass shade. But it doesn’t fit well in our modern homes so often goes in white, black and grey. A small metal chain hanging down from the screen was used to turn the banker’s lamp on and off. This is attached to the switch itself, the switch holds the lamp in its extension.

The electric cable was originally braided in textile, but our newly manufactured cords are made of plastic. If you want your lamp to resemble the original even more, you can cover the cord yourself in fabric or change the cord. Such old-fashioned cords can be bought in well-stocked electrical stores.

Dimensions: Height: 37 cm

Lamp base diameter: 18 cm

Turns on and off with a chain instead of an on and off button

Light source (Bulb): (A60 230v 2700k) Not included!

Item number 093034

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